Nambawan Savings & Loans Society offers loans to its members.

NSLS is currently lending at 1:1 ratio as approved by the Registrar of Savings & Laons Society. If you have K1000.00 in your savings you are allowed to borrow a maximum of K1000.00 at a rate of 1:1.

Requirements for Loan Applications

  1. Loan application form
  2. Nambawan Super (NSL) ID
  3. Payslip

What is the loan interest rate?

The interest rate 1% per month charged on the unpaid or reduced balance of a loan. Loans plus interest must be paid within 36 months under ratio 1:1

When can a member be eligible to apply for loan?

A member must save for six (6) consecutive fortnights and must have a minimum balance of K200.00 or more before she/he is eligible for a loan.